About Us


Our outside sale representatives are able to speak on all of our product lines with knowledge. 

Please contact the representative in your area with any questions you may have on any of our product lines. 



Central and Southern Wisconsin:


Matt Rodamer    mrodamer@mwsmrep.com 

Bill Panfil     bpanfil@mwsmrep.com


Northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan:


Andy Shilt  ashilt@mwsmrep.com

Katie Brummund kbrummund@mwsmre3p.com


Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska:

Bryan Benson  bbenson@mwsmrep.com  

Bob Koch  bkoch@mwsmrep.com


Northern Minnesota, North Dakota:

Dan Hill dhill@mwsmrep.com

Steve MacDonald smacdonald@mwsmrep.com

Inside Customer Service:

Our Inside Staff is also available to help you with any of your product related questions.

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST

Phone:  800-246-8440

Fax:       800-246-6464

Email:  mwsm@mwsmrep.com

Linda Miller - mwsm@mwsmrep.com

Alysa Fuller - aopie@mwsmrep.com

Kay Hirsch - khirsch@mwsmrep.com

Team Photo
Katie Brummund
Kay Hirsch
Andy Shilt
Bill Panfil
Alysa Fuller
Matt Rodamer
Linda Miller
Anne Rodamer